Protecting God's Children

Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program and Protecting God's Children






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Click here for direct link to :

Click “Register” below the LOG IN button (image at right). Enter the passcode stlprotect when
Select the type of location where you are a volunteer or employee
• Parish or Parish School

Select the specific location by name
• St. Bridget of Kildare Parish and School

Click the roles associated with your employment/service at the parish.

If you are active at only one location, this will be your “primary” location.

If you are active at more than one location, click the ADD PARISH/LOCATION button and repeat the
steps above. With more than one location, please click the “This is my main/primary location”
circle to indicate where you are employed or, if you are a volunteer, where most of your ministry
or service is performed.

Complete your personal information. Please enter your legal first name for the purposes of the
background screening.

Create a username, password and password clue. Agree to the Terms of Use and click SUBMIT.
You will then be prompted to submit information for a background screening, register for a
Protecting God’s Children workshop*, view two online training modules, and agree to the Code of
Ethical Conduct.

*If you have previously attended a PGC workshop, the system will find and/or ask you to confirm
your previous record of attendance. You will not be prompted to register for an upcoming workshop.
If, for some reason, it does not match your previous training to this account and you are prompted
to register for a class, please register for “PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED-DATE NOT LISTED” and send an
email to the address below. We will apply the correct training record to your account.

Use may use the links in your approval checklist to access these requirements. These steps may be
completed all at once or may be completed separately at your convenience. You will receive an
automated email weekly to remind you which requirements are outstanding. When all compliance
requirements have been completed, your account will be approved and you will be clear to work with
minors and vulnerable adults.
































Should you need any assistance, please contact [email protected]