St. Bridget of Kildare has adopted the following revised cemetery fees effective March 29, 2021.

  • Only Active stewardship families will be allowed to purchase grave sites.  Please consult the office concerning the status of each family.   A grave site cost $1,000.
  • A concrete vault must be purchased by the family to be used in the parish cemetery.
  • The grave opening with the marking of the grave site will be $1,400.  The fee is to be paid directly to the parish.  In the case of cremation, a $500 fee will be assessed.  R. Bruns Co. performs the excavating services.
  • For active parishioners, a $155 will be assessed.  This covers $75 for the organist, $50 for the church and $30 for servers.  The donation to the pastor is at the discretion of the family.

We would appreciate these fees being paid at the time the funeral arrangements are made.  Please simplify this process by informing the family members of our new policy, and have them sign this copy. 

Please contact the parish office, 636-271-3993, if you have any questions.


 Rev. Andrew Burkemper




The purpose of the rules of the St. Bridget of Kildare Cemetery is to promote the ideals of Christian Burial, the continuing welfare of the Cemetery and the well-being of lot holders and visitors.


St. Bridget of Kildare Cemetery is operated for the religious and charitable purposes of the Catholic Church through the burial and the memorialization of the faithful departed.

The Sacred Cannons of the Roman Catholic Church, the Norms of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and the policies set forth by the St. Bridget of Kildare Cemetery Committee govern in all cases (names of persons on Cemetery Committee may be obtained at Parish Office.)

These rules are subject to change as circumstances warrant. The new rules become effective immediately upon approval.


The Cemetery is a sacred place and is due all the honor and respect given to a church itself. It is God’s Acres. Unbecoming behavior, dress and language are not to be tolerated. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Cemetery property. Children under age sixteen should always be in the company of adults while on the Cemetery property. Pets may not be brought onto the Cemetery grounds. Loitering and boisterous demonstration or improper assemblages are not permitted within the Cemetery grounds. Typical visitation hours to the Parish Cemeteries are from sunrise to sunset.

The Cemetery reserves the right to refuse admission to, or the use of its facilities at any time, to any person or persons as its rules, judgment and tradition may dictate. The only non-Catholic burials will be those who are married to a Catholic.


It is the requirement that concrete vaults or steel vaults are used for all burials. The grade of all lots, graves, sections, roads, fences or other features of the Cemetery shall be determined by the Cemetery Committee and may be altered when deemed necessary. All work on lots and graves (setting of foundations, grass cutting, filling graves, planting, etc.) shall be done in accordance with

the policies established by the Cemetery Board. The St. Bridget of Kildare Parish Cemetery Board reserves the right to contract all services done in the Cemeteries.

Aisles, walks, roads and other areas may be converted to burial ground as determined by the Cemetery Committee. Monuments or other structures that become dangerous or detrimental to persons in the Cemetery may be repaired or removed. Cemetery property (statues, trees, shrubs or entrance gates) shall not be decorated in any manner.

The contribution to the endowment is to be added to the Cemetery’s Endowment Fund which whole annual income is to be used for the proportionate care and maintenance of the Cemetery’s lawns, roads and related property. Endowed Care does not provide for the maintenance of private property, such as monuments, markers, vases, etc. Maintenance work not covered by the Endowed Care will be done at the expense of the lot holders.

The disinterment of the dead is against the Canons of the Church. It will be allowed only for the most pressing reasons upon written consent of the Archbishop of St. Louis or another in his stead.


Realizing that it is the intent of the members of St. Bridget of Kildare Parish that the use of the Cemetery is to, first of all, serve the members of said Parish, it is decided that the purchase of cemetery plots shall be limited to members of the Parish known as St. Bridget of Kildare. "Member" shall be defined as being a registered parishioner of said Parish or a spouse of a registered parishioner of said Parish. The Cemetery Committee shall make the determination as to whether or not said prospective purchaser of plots is an actual registered parishioner of said Parish according to Parish records.

The rights transferred by a lot sales contract are the Right of Sepulcher (or "Sepulture") of human remains, and other ancillary privileges as specifically stated in the sales contract. The Right of Sepulcher, as defined in the Rules for Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, is defined as the legal authority to order an interment in a particular burial place. The Cemetery Board agrees only to those items contained in writing in the contract as signed. No other conditions or terms are binding upon the Cemetery.

The purchase of plots shall be limited to the purchase of two plots by a Member to be used by such Member and his or her spouse, with only two exceptions:

1) The first exception being for a physically or mentally handicapped dependent of a Member who has been or will be, during such dependent’s lifetime, completely dependent upon a person who is a Member of the Parish. In this case, a person who is a Member of the Parish may purchase a plot for said dependent prior to such dependent’s death.


2) The second exception is that if a dependent, who has been under the care of a Member, shall succumb before the age of 18, said Member may at the time of said dependent’s death purchase a plot for said individual, whether or not such individual is a Member of the Parish.

In other words, only two plots can be purchased at the time of the initial purchase, which plots are to be used by a husband and wife, and no reservations can be made for plots to be used by children of said husband and wife, except for the above mentioned first exception. If it is the intention of the husband and wife that cremation is the intended plan of burial, then two containers of cremains (ashes) will be permitted for burial on one plot. However, such intention must be designated at the time of purchase of the plot.

Plots must be paid for in full and fully covered with Endowed Care at the time of purchase and before burial.

The Cemetery Committee reserves the right to change the price of plots when circumstances are deemed necessary to maintain the financial obligations of the Cemetery grounds. The Parish office can be contacted for current prices. A Certificate of Ownership will be issued to the purchaser of said plots.

The rights transferred by a plot sale Certificate are the Right of Sepulture of human remains, and other ancillary privileges as specifically stated in the certificate of ownership. The Cemetery Committee agrees only to those items contained in the Certificate as signed. No other conditions or terms are binding upon the Cemetery Committee. Plots or portions thereof may not be transferred by the purchaser to anyone other than the Parish, provided however, that the Parish is not obligated to accept the same. Unused grave sites on which a monument exists may not be returned. Families with excess burial spaces are encouraged to donate these graves to the Cemetery to be used for free charity purposes.

After a period of 120 years since the date of birth of a person for whom a plot was purchased, the Right of Sepulture reverts to the Parish in regard to the unused burial space. If a person with a legitimate claim presents himself after the designated grave site has been used, such person’s claim shall be settled by providing him with a burial space in an available location.


All funerals, on reaching the Cemetery, come under the jurisdiction of the Cemetery Committee. It is the responsibility of the funeral director to arrive at the Cemetery Chapel or the correct grave site. Parking, routing, traffic direction, services and all other funeral and interment arrangements within the Cemetery boundaries are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cemetery Committee.

In the event of an error in an interment or other matter the following apply:

1) If the church erred, it reserves the right to correct its error at its cost with no further liability to any other party.

2) If the error resulted from the order or action of a funeral director, monument dealer, or other party, the cost of rectifying the error and all other liability will be that of the one who caused the error, with no liability upon the part of the Cemetery Committee.

3) If the lot holder was in error, the lot holder bears full responsibility with no liability upon the part of the Cemetery Committee.

4) If another person orders an erroneous interment through error or deceit, that person must bear full responsibility with no liability upon the part of the Church to verify the jurisdiction of the claims made.


The following rules are designed to maintain the appearance of the Cemetery and to make your visits more pleasant.

The planting of trees, shrubs and flowers is carefully planned for the general appearance of the Cemetery. Plantings are not permitted on private lots. Flowers are to be placed into a vase associated with the marker (part of the marker) or in metal cones placed in ground directly next to marker. The flowers should be placed in Styrofoam packaging and forcibly put into the container or base. They should be secured in a manner to prevent the wind from scattering flowers through the Cemetery. Glass, plastic or ceramic holders are not permitted as they may become hazardous to workmen or visitors.

The Cemetery Committee will allow temporary or permanent metal flower vases, but will not accept any liability for their loss or damage under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the lot holder to return their vases to their holder so that they will not damage the Cemetery equipment. Due to the nature of bases, the Cemetery Committee is not liable for theft or damage under any circumstances.

Ornaments no taller than three (3) feet in height are permitted and must be placed on or directly next to the marker. All maintenance or ornaments and decorations are the responsibility of lot owner and the Cemetery Committee bears no liability for such. Use of a shepherd hook is limited to two per grave site and must have a minimum of six (6) inch clearance at the bottom for ease of trimming, etc.

A Christmas wreath or grave covering of natural materials is permitted on a grave from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception to the Feast of the Purification (December 8 to February 2).

Flowers and all grave decorations must be picked up from March 1 to March 15 to allow for spring cleanup, and also from October 1 to October 15 for fall cleanup.

The quantity and disposition of funeral flowers on new graves is to be determined by the Cemetery Committee. Funeral flowers will be removed when they become faded and unsightly or three days after burial. All other flowers and ornaments/decorations will be removed when their condition becomes unsightly to the overall appearance of the Cemetery. The Cemetery Committee will rearrange any decorations, flower, etc. to provide ease of maintenance.


The rules for memorial work at St. Bridget of Kildare Cemetery are designed for the benefit of all. We hope to make it easier to mark the graves of all buried here while maintaining the overall appearance of the Cemetery. The Church reserves the right at all times to prescribe the kind, design, size, symbolism, craftsmanship, quality and material of all memorials, inspections, plaques, monuments or markers placed in the Cemetery. All monuments are subject to approval by the Cemetery Committee.

There shall be only one monument installed on a grave plot which protrudes above the surface of ground level. Any additional marker (military or personal) shall be placed at the foot of the grave and be at ground level. Enclosures of plots (coping of concrete, fences and chains) are not permitted. Temporary grave markers will be permitted for no more than one year from interment date.

All monument foundations will not be installed for a period of six months following an interment, to allow the ground to settle. All foundations will be installed at specifications determined by the Cemetery Committee. A monument for a single grave shall not have a base of more than 40 inches wide, or 80 inches wide for a double grave. All markers will be set at the head (back line) of the grave site and centered. All monuments must be installed in a workman-like manner. Carvings and inspections by hand, sandblasting or other method must be done in a skillful and artistic manner.

Before any monument, memorial, effigy or other structure on any lot is erected on a lot, a proposal, including drawings/sketches of the proposals, which shall include any and all inscriptions which the lot owners intend to include on the monument, etc. shall be submitted to the Cemetery Board for its approval. Should all or any part of an inscription, memorial, effigy another structure be deemed unfitting or incompatible with the Catholic character of the Cemetery, it shall be lawful for the Cemetery Committee to prohibit its erection or to remove it.

All monuments, flower containers, burial container, decorations and other private property is placed on the burial space at the lot holder’s risk with no liability to the Church. The lot holder is responsible that all monument work be property installed and maintained.

All workmen employed by others in the erection, installation, addition or other memorial work, vaults, etc., are subject to the control and direction of the Cemetery Committee. Any damage to the lot or the Cemetery in general or damage to the personal property of others must be reported to the Church office, and the cost of repair is to be borne by the monument dealer or his agent.

Any workmen failing to comply with this rule will not be allowed to work in the Cemetery. The working hours will be determined by the Cemetery Committee.

If the Board determines that any monument, memorial, effigy or other structure on any lot is in violation of the provisions of these rules, the Board shall have the authority to remove any such offending structure. This shall only be done after notice is given to the owner of the plot or plots concerning the violation. Failure of the owner to cure any such violations will result in removal of the offending structures and the owner of the plot or plots shall be responsible to pay the Board for the cost of such removal and cure.

The Church disclaims all responsibility for damage or injury to a monument although it will exercise all ordinary care to protect them. Normal wear and tear due to Cemetery operations is to be expected and causes no liability to the Cemetery Committee. In the event of an error on the part of the Cemetery Committee, it has no other liability than to correct its error at its expense. All other errors are the liability of those responsible.